Childcare Ventures: Know Everything About Legacy Academy Franchise

  • The Legacy Academy franchise is a potential business venture in the preschool and childcare industry, with multiple locations across the U.S.
  • The cost of investing in the franchise ranges between $3,524,600 and $6,135,500, with an initial franchise fee of $75,000.
  • Benefits of owning a Legacy Academy franchise include investing in an established brand, getting access to its programs and utilizing its potential for business growth.
  • There is an opportunity in the growing demand for childcare centers, and owning a franchise in that field can prove to be a promising endeavor.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur considering smart, reliable opportunities to invest in? One option you might have overlooked are preschool franchises. Owning a daycare franchise can prove to have a number of benefits, from economic to educational opportunities, with a Legacy Child Development Center primed for well-rounded, dependable investments. Considering this, allow us to introduce you to the Legacy Academy franchise.

This article will cover this franchise school’s history, mission, offerings, cost, and advantages. Understanding these preschool franchise opportunities is the first and most important step to knowing its benefits.

Legacy Academy Franchise

The Legacy Academy franchise was founded in 1997 and has since excelled as a learning experience franchise. It has 11 units as of 2018 and has been renowned as an excellent preschool and daycare franchise, with all Legacy Academy schools being in the process or already being NAEYC accredited.

The curriculum, namely Framework For Their Future, is approved by a variety of experts in the field. On top of that, the programs focus not only on academic prep for the students but also on developing a love for after-school activities, like outdoor playtime, learning a foreign language, or even learning an instrument, which comes in handy for various music school franchise opportunities.

The mission is to serve our children, families, staff, and the community by focusing on teaching kids to be smart and healthy. Legacy Academy is present in 15 locations across Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas.

Legacy Academy Franchise Cost

Owning a Legacy Academy franchise includes an initial franchise fee of $75,000. Also, the Legacy Academy has a $250,000 liquid capital requirement to start a preschool franchise. For the approximate cost of actually starting operations through the Legacy Academy franchise, its estimated total investment ranges between $3,524,600 and $6,135,500.

Additionally, there is a 5% royalty on the gross revenue and a 1% ad royalty as well. This franchise nets you a 25-year term as per agreement. The return on investments (ROI) for entrepreneurs that take up this kind of childcare franchise opportunity is vast, not just from a monetary standpoint, but from the benefits that come from owning a healthcare franchise and from the benefits it brings as a portfolio franchise.

Perks Of Owning A Legacy Academy Franchise

A number of perks come with owning a Legacy Academy franchise. Below are several main reasons why you should consider buying a daycare franchise.

Established Brand and Reputation


The Legacy Academy franchise has been established as a reputable institution for the past 25 years. Because of this long-running reputation, investing yields less risk of failure. Additionally, this brand recognition provides for a stable and far more potential for growth for any entrepreneur, as they would already be working through an established franchise.

Training and Support from the Franchisor


Unlike a variety of other businesses, one major benefit that comes with children’s education franchises of this caliber is that the franchisor offers the proper training and support through its increased number of already available programs. Because of this, entering the world of daycare franchising is considerably simpler and more effective and ensures an efficient and successful business.

Access to Curriculum and Educational Resources

Naturally, with ownership in the Legacy Academy franchise, there comes access to both their Framework For Their Future curriculum and any other educational resources. Having access to these assets is a significant benefit in and of itself. On top of that, having access to these resources can be useful for a business owner’s various ventures and further investment in educational franchises.

Potential for Business Growth and Impact on the Community


With the growing need and demand for good, reputable childcare services, many child day care franchises have become one of the more innovative investments a savvy entrepreneur can undertake. Not only does it prove to have a spike in the possibility for business growth, but it also has considerable advantages in what it provides for the community. There is a clear benefit to a reputable business having a positive impact on the community.  Ensuring a profound community effect can lead to more success in any entrepreneur’s current and future ventures.

Supportive Network of Fellow Franchisees

It is essential to mention that, besides the support from the franchisor, an additional benefit is that it gives the owner an extensive and necessary network of fellow franchisees. They can offer all sorts of franchise business tips that become essential for running a consistently growing and evolving business. Plus, the network of fellow franchisees can provide further opportunities for venturing into other franchises.

Legacy Academy Benefits

Alongside all other benefits, investing in the Legacy Academy franchise itself brings other advantages. As a more than two-decade-running institution with a program for infants, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and school age, the benefits for investing in such a well-rounded school are plentiful. Having a program that focuses on children’s education and activities for their well-being helps with the impact on the community as a whole.

Bottom Line

Overall, considering investing in the Legacy Academy franchise has many possibilities and advantages. It is essential for the curious business owner to look into what buying into this franchise could offer, even outside of the benefits outlined above.

In the long run, if you want to own a Legacy Academy franchise, we urge you to research and explore it further. After all, it could prove to be a sustainable and rewarding business venture.

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