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The Modern Office Bathroom: Four Significant Upgrades to Pursue

Business owners pay so much attention to turning the office layout into a modern and trendy space. There are plenty of designs and tactics that even contribute to productivity, efficiency, and socialization that they became must-perform renovations for the valuable workspace. However, the office shouldn’t be the only area that enjoys those upgrades.

Since the office grabs all the attention, the surrounding amenities barely receive improvement ideas. The office bathroom is among those areas, prioritizing functionality over aesthetics and comfort. For most commercial establishments, the toilets are there because they are necessary. Business owners might not know that their treatment of the bathroom space is a factor in employee satisfaction.

Businesses of different types and sizes should prioritize providing a clean and high-quality office bathroom for employees. Fortunately, you can make upgrades to the existing amenities. Here are a few improvement ideas that create the modern office bathroom.

Floor Spacing

Expelling body waste is a necessary part of life. Regardless of what you are doing, you need to go if your body tells you to. Since offices contain many people, most commercial bathrooms have plenty of toilet stalls. Because of the focus on functionality, the bathroom might be full of fixtures but lacks space for movement. Unfortunately, it results in a crowded area without proper ventilation and people waiting in lines that extend outside the door.

In the modern office bathroom, less is more. People can enjoy waiting for their turn with a spacious layout, ensuring they can do other things. The extra space also provides proper ventilation. It reduces the concentration of stench whenever we expel bodily waste. However, it might be challenging to create space for the office amenity. If expansion is out of the question, removing a few toilet stalls might be more practical.

Vanity Section

The bathroom will always be beyond expelling bodily waste. People use the private area for other things like pampering or refreshing themselves. Using cosmetic and skincare products might also happen in the office bathroom. If they aren’t using the toilets, they will visit the bathroom to check their reflection on the mirror. As a result, businesses should prioritize providing them with that amenity. Fortunately, you can find plenty of companies that can install bathroom vanities.

Mirrors alone will not be enough. The office bathroom should also contain water to sanitize their hands, cosmetic products, or utensils. As a result, sinks must also be part of the office bathroom. The pandemic made it essential to keep hands clean all the time, turning bathroom sinks into a necessity rather than a part of the vanity section.

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Upgraded Toilets and Shower Stalls

Toilets are often worthy investments because they are durable and reliable. A few cleaning and maintenance tasks might be the only things you need to keep them functional. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t replace them. Modern toilets have more features that enhance a person’s experience using them. One of the most popular installations includes adding a bidet to each stall. Access to water inside each area will make expelling bodily waste more efficient. They do not have to waste time looking for a container and filling it with water using the sink.

Some office bathrooms also have shower stalls. People might be pulling off overtime or coming in early in the workspace. Being in the office all day might make them want to refreshen themselves. Some workers also sneak a physical workout before going home. They might want to take a shower before leaving. However, installing multiple stalls for it might not be necessary. Your company can do with one or two stalls in the modern office bathroom.

Abundance of Supplies

Most of the time, people carry everything they need to the bathroom. However, there will be a few moments where their activities are emergencies. But they might not have the time to accomplish it. They might have to call their colleagues to bring whatever they need, which can be an embarrassing experience.

Companies should consider providing employees with what they need to ensure they don’t have to worry about it. As a result, adding a storage area for those supplies should be part of the improvement idea. Here are some of the things you can supply for your office bathroom:

  • Toilet paper
  • Napkin
  • Facial tissues
  • Soap
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Water containers

Those supplies ensure your office bathroom is functional and tailor-fit for your employees’ needs. It might cost a little extra, but keeping the inventory fresh can make the office bathroom more reliable.

There are plenty of changes in the modern office design, even if you break them into different parts. For the office bathroom, these upgrades might end up becoming necessary.

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