Motorcycle Accidents

Top Three Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

are more than just two-wheeled vehicles. If somebody asks a motorist why they ride a bike, they can surely give endless, pleasant reasons for owning a motorcycle. Most people never really understand the pleasure of riding a bike. These bikes spell adventure and cool for the rider. Are you bored with your life? You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a trip! Short road trips are an effective way to find your zen, throw your fears and cares away, and live the moment.

Motorcycles are also practical ways of commuting without spending a long time stuck in traffic. Using a bike is, in a way, better than driving a car as the latter takes more fuel. Bikes also take up less space on the roads. In terms of maintenance, motorcycles are generally cheaper to buy and maintain. Want to enjoy life more and improve your overall emotional well-being? Get a motorcycle! A study once found that driving a bike is right for your brain as it promotes brain activity and quick decision making. While on the wheel, one also feels refreshed and less depressed with the feel of the wind, the authentic scents in the road, and the pleasure of seeing new landscapes.


However, driving a motorcycle should be accompanied by the right training, skills, utmost care, and caution. In 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded 5,172 fatalities from motorcycle accidents. The institution also reported that motorcyclists have a higher likelihood of facing accidents than car occupants. These statistics, however, should not discourage motorcycle enthusiasts from giving up driving their vehicles entirely. Instead, these facts should motivate them to exercise more caution in driving.

Here are the top three common motorcycle accidents and the ways to avoid them:

Crashes Caused By Left-Turning Cars

Even the most careful driver may face an unexpected scenario on the road. No matter how careful you are, sometimes, the car in front of you makes a left-hand turn. This act is so dangerous and has been the reason for 42% of motorcycle and car accidents. This incident usually happens when the motorcycle is heading straight through an intersection, passing the car, or overtaking the vehicle. Unfortunately, some car drivers make rush decisions and change gear even without making a signal.

There are indicators that a driver should be watchful of before this happens. Usually, this incident occurs at an intersection while the car is waiting for its turn. A gap in the traffic may also encourage the car driver to turn left. A last-second ‘look’ or ‘head maneuver’ is also a standard signal that the driver is considering a left turn.

Bikers should then slow down, stay a safe distance from the car, or move outside of the lane. Taking an evasive action or preparing to break are also preventive measures before a crash.

Motorcycle Accident

Sudden Lane Switching

There are times when a car’s headlights obstruct the driver’s view from seeing a motorcycle near them. When this happens, the driver may blindly move to the next lane where the bike may cause a dangerous crash.

If you are in the driver’s blind spot, do your very best to stay out of it. How to be aware of this? Be alert of the appearance of turn signals, wheels moving and turning, driver beginning to check the mirror, or swiveling their head as if looking for the perfect time to check their blind spots.

Head-on Collisions Between Cars and Motorcycles

Most head-on collisions are fatal for the motorcyclist. They may result in either the driver being catapulted in mid-air and hitting its head on some hard surface or crushed by the colliding vehicle. In the end, the rider may have meager chances of survival and may face severe injuries.

Riders should be proactive and defensive to avoid this kind of accident. Being alert and scanning the road for dangerous signs, driving to the Right, reducing speed, and riding off the road are also constructive tips.

Accidents may also happen because of lane splitting that may usually occur in traffic-congested areas. Intoxicated drivers or reckless, high-speed driving are also common contributors to road mishaps.

If you are a victim of these accidents, you may want to consider hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. Choosing a lawyer requires several factors. One factor is the location where the accident happened. The best way is to find a lawyer where the accident took place as they are most likely knowledgeable in the local court procedures and are familiar with the judges. The best way is to be represented by a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer. Choose lawyers that have a history of handling motorcycle accidents. The lawyer must also possess a good reputation and track record in handling similar cases.

Prevention is better than cure, as the adage said. Always be alert in driving. Be aware of intersections. Be in the right mind when operating your vehicle by avoiding alcoholic beverages or overspeeding. In case of bad weather, better stop driving wherever you are or consider postponing the ride. An updated training and traffic orientation course regularly is also an investment that you will never regret.

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